dinsdag 15 februari 2011

Today I went back to school, it was bad. But fortunately the last lesson was cancelled so school was out at twelve o'clock. Later today I'm going out for dinner with my mom and my grandma. I love my grandma, she is freakin' awesome. She even curses, hahaa. Anyway, I was looking on the Urban Outfitters webshop, they have a new collection for a while now and I was curious. I found tons of cool stuff, and yes, I'm going to post it. Oh, I need to make some more outfit photos. I said to you that I would take some last weekend, but I was ill, so I wasn't able to do that. But I need new photos. Grr. I'm waiting for stunning weather, I need sunshine, not rain. The weather is grey, and it's raining in the Netherlands, I hate that. I'm ready for summer. Anyway, here are these ''tons of cool stuff'' for UO.

Long Sleeve Shirt
In Copper and Ivory

Navy Shorts

Black Wedge

Brown Peep Toe Wedge

Double Finger Ring

Textured Two Finger Ring

Polaroid Notes

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