maandag 28 februari 2011

Tomorrow I have a test in French, wednesday in maths and thursday in English. Grr, I hate to learn. But happily I took a break to check out a webshop, One Teaspoon. I adore One Teaspoon. It's originally from Australia but I don't know if they ship to the Netherlands. Does anyone know that? Please let me know, because I can't find it on the Internet. I'll post some pictures of the items I love from One Teaspoon.

1 Blue Tank, 2 Black Shorts, 3 Black Lace Bodice, 4 White Tank

woensdag 23 februari 2011

I'm still learning for tomorrow's tests. But I can't concentrate on the work I have to do, so I decided to write a post for you about this amazing boots I found today from Acne. They're like heaven. I adore Acne, and I still want to go to Stockholm so I can visit some more Acne shops. I hate school and I want vacation..

Acne Aviator Sue boots

maandag 21 februari 2011

I had a great weekend! Saturday my dad bought me a new lens, for my camera. It's an 55mm f/1.8 from Nikon. And I am in love with it. Unfortunately this weekend broke my iPhone, again. There's a big crack in it. I'll show you a photo. School was boring today. I hate school. Some schools have holiday here in the Netherlands, mainly the north and the center of the country, but I live in the south so I have in two weeks holiday... That really sucks. I have two exams this week, from chemistry and Dutch. I have to study so much and I hate that. Grr. I wanted to show you some shoes I have, and which I adore.

L-R: Miu Miu wedges - Prada heels (actually they're from my mom, but I adore them) - H&M wedges - Doc Martens boots

zaterdag 19 februari 2011

I made some new outfit photos! I uploaded one to my Lookbook, and I also post them below. I am staying at my dad this weekend. And I'm hungry so I'm going to grab some food before I die. I have nothing to tell you. Boring me.

donderdag 17 februari 2011

I found beautiful booties, they're from Dsquared2, which I adore. Tomorrow I'm going to make some more outfit photos so I can post one on my Lookbook page. I'm not hyped very often, so I decided to ask you guys for some help. I really really really want to get once on the Lookbook front page, will you please hype me? I know it's stupid question, sorry for that..

Source: Google Images > Dsquared2

woensdag 16 februari 2011

I uploaded a new look to my lookbook page. The photos are from a few weeks ago, they were taken by Chantal. But I needed to upload a new look. Friday and saturday I am going to make some more outfit photos. Sorry for this short post, hopefully I can post another one tomorrow.

dinsdag 15 februari 2011

Today I went back to school, it was bad. But fortunately the last lesson was cancelled so school was out at twelve o'clock. Later today I'm going out for dinner with my mom and my grandma. I love my grandma, she is freakin' awesome. She even curses, hahaa. Anyway, I was looking on the Urban Outfitters webshop, they have a new collection for a while now and I was curious. I found tons of cool stuff, and yes, I'm going to post it. Oh, I need to make some more outfit photos. I said to you that I would take some last weekend, but I was ill, so I wasn't able to do that. But I need new photos. Grr. I'm waiting for stunning weather, I need sunshine, not rain. The weather is grey, and it's raining in the Netherlands, I hate that. I'm ready for summer. Anyway, here are these ''tons of cool stuff'' for UO.

Long Sleeve Shirt
In Copper and Ivory

Navy Shorts

Black Wedge

Brown Peep Toe Wedge

Double Finger Ring

Textured Two Finger Ring

Polaroid Notes

maandag 14 februari 2011

I didn't go to school today, because I'm ill. But hopefully I can go back tomorrow! A few weeks ago I made with one of my best friends, Chantal, a stop motion video. It's a really short video but I like it, haha. It might be not as great as you think it is, but I hope you enjoy it. It's a sort of intruducing video. In the end of the video I look a bit scary, so don't freak out, haha. I adore stop motion videos, I would like to make some more of them.

Please don't copy this video, if you will, I will slap you in the face.

donderdag 10 februari 2011

Today was so boring. I went to school, and I feel ill now. But it'll be okay, haha. I searched some photos of Taylor Momsen. I adore her, really like her grungy style. I will post some photos below. I hope I can make some more outfit photos this weekend. But I'm not sure because I stay at my mom this weekend. I have nothing else to tell you guys. I'm very sorry.

I am listening to: Marina and the Diamonds - Troubled Mind

dinsdag 8 februari 2011

I still adore those Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I'm going to make savings, so I can buy them. And I need a leather backpack. Preferably in black leather. Or one with prints, like they have at Urban Outfitters. I saw some people who had a leather backpack from Zara, I really like that one too, but I can't find it anywere. If you have seen it, please let me know where I can get it! Now I'm just going to post some photos of the backpacks I like.
Alexander Wang
Urban Outfitters

maandag 7 februari 2011

It's weird that I post for the second time today, but I promised pictures of my weekend to you. I had to wait for posting them, because I didn't had all the pictures of yesterday. Yesterday was great! Chantal was in the town I live, and we walked and took photos. You may know her from her blog: Saturday I went to shop with my dad, it was fun. I bought a shorts (finally!) and a top both at Zara. We also bought cupcakes! They were delicious. They were from Lily's. Now I'm exhausted, don't know why. I'm always exhausted after weekend. That's weird, because after weekend you shouldn't be tired at all. Okay, I found a really great song from The Fleet Foxes. I love them. And this song, it's called Tiger Mountain Peasant Song. I just bumped my finger, and now it hurts f**king bad. Enough talking. Photos.

Fleet Foxes - Tiger Mountain Peasant Song