maandag 31 januari 2011

Last weekend I went to Germany, to snowboard. I had a really great time, and the weather was stunning. But unfortunately I wasn't able to post there, but I will now haha. I feel very sorry for not posting for a week, I've been very busy, hate to being busy. But yeah, I don't have a choice I guess. This weekend I'll make some outfit photos, 'cause that is a time ago, and post them on my Lookbook. And if I won't post them, you are allowed to slap me in the face. Now that I've said this, I am going to post a really inspiring photo. It's by Josephine M, and I like her outfits. Especially this fur cout and her wedges. Thank you Josephine, for inspiring me.

Source : Josephine M.
Her Blog
Her Lookbook

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