donderdag 13 januari 2011

I was looking on the Urban Outfitters webshop and I found so many nice clothes and shoes! I will post some of them. I just came back from school, furtunately Thursday is almost over. I always like Thursdays because it's almost Friday then, and Friday means almost weekend! (:

(Gold Body Chain)
Was €16.00 - Now €6.00

(Lace Maxi Dress)
Was €63.00 - Now €25.00

(Fringed Shorts)
Was €79.00 - Now €50.00

(Cheap Monday High Waist Jean)
Was €66.00 - Now €25.00 

(Leopard Fur Coat)
Was €183.00 - Now €50.00

(Black Lace Up Hiking Heel)
Was €124.00 - Now €75.00

Photos via Urban Outfitters

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